My name is Engr. Mrs. Peace Ogadimma Offurum. I am happily married with children.

I studied Chemical Engineering but God had a different career and purpose for my life. 

I am immensely humbled to be a vessel God has chosen to use to release messages to the world through songs. 


The Lord called me for seven years in the form of audible voices and visions to sing for Him before I finally answered the call.

Initially, I misunderstood it to mean singing in the choir, so as a believer I started attending my church choir practices but never enrolled with them to sing during church services because I didn’t have flair for singing. From that time till date, I started waking up from sleep with songs I have never heard before. Sometimes a voice or group of people will be singing in my dream and as soon as I learn the song I wake up.


The choir master was worried and asked why I would attend choir practices, but never enrolled to sing during church services; I shared my experiences with him. Being an experienced music minister, he told me he felt the Lord was  calling me into the music ministry; that I should record the songs each time I received them. I started recording the songs but still did nothing with them. I believed that with time the voices would cease.


Deep down inside me I did not have peace as the Lord kept calling me.  As years go by I started noticing odd things in my life spiritually and physically  .

Knowing that without answering the call, there was no way I would live and serve God in spirit and in truth; I yielded to His call to the music ministry to the Glory of God. The greatest challenge I am facing is producing these songs to meet up with the pace God is releasing them to me.


The decision to create this website is inspired by the need to ensure that the messages the Lord embeds in the songs He gives through me are accessible to people all over the world. This website is therefore all about JESUS and his love for greater intimacy with humanity.


May you be abundantly blessed as you listen to these songs, in Jesus Name ; Amen.